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Florida Speakers Association: The Art of Impromptu Inspiration

Maureen Whitehouse

Speaking With Soul

The Art of Impromptu Inspiration

Date: Sept 13, 2008  8am-4pm

Most professional speakers work long and hard to developing their Signature speech – the presentation that will help them make their mark and propel them to the heights of success – their Masterpiece! They tweak it, hone it, polish it, perfect it and then market it ad infinitum – only to find that somewhere along this arduous path, they lose themselves in all of it. There is a better way…

Learn How to Speak from Your Soul

During this mind-expanding, heart-opening and empowering workshop with Maureen you will discover how to see your craft in a whole new light. Join her as she vividly illustrates:

  • The Art of Showing up
  • Ways to Spontaneously Tap Spirit
  • The Authority of Presence
  • Listening – as the most important aspect of speaking
  • The Power of Laughter
  • There is never a dull present moment
  • How your Closing can be Just the Beginning, and more…

Move mountains with your Words and Help Create a Whole New reality!

CLICK HERE to hear a personal message from Maureen Whitehouse.

Visit Florida Speakers Associate website for more info

Living Green

Living GreenPLM

Living Green: Soul-Full Eating with Maureen Whitehouse
Maureen Whitehouse of tells us — “There are so many obvious ways that we can miss the opportunity to live a supremely fulfilling life. But what surprises most people is that eating offers an aspect of satisfaction which is often overlooked… that is, choosing foods which resonate with your Soul!”

This show is about the LOVE OF FOOD that anyone–no matter what your faith, religion or personal philosophy–can follow. Become more aware of simple, yet dynamic changes you can make in the way you select, prepare and eat food that increase your vibrancy and personal energy. Learn how to deepen your spiritual connection on a daily basis and how to approach edge eating programs such as Raw Foods, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Acid/Alkaline Balancing, Food Combining and the “new” Kosher. You will discover even more “how-to” ways to more lovingly connect with your Spirit and to the planet any time you consume food…even eating a chocolate bar!

Meredith Medland: Welcome to Living Green. I am your host Meredith Medland. Today on our show you’ll discover ways to more lovingly connect with your spirit and to the planet anytime you consume food. Maureen Whitehouse is our guest today.


Press Release: Straight A Diet; The 7 Most ‘Intelligent’ Foods to Put in Your Child’s Lunchbox

Press Release

Straight A Diet; The 7 Most ‘Intelligent’ Foods to Put in Your Child’s Lunchbox
Radio-TV Interview Report
Sat 01 Sep 2007 02:56 PM EDT


Millions of American children, preschool through college, are returning to school for another year of learning and development. How can parents be sure their children get the most out of the learning experience? What will give young learners an advantage every day?

Nutrition expert and former educator Maureen Whitehouse says enhancing the learning ability of children means paying attention to what goes into their mouths, as well as what goes into their minds. (more…)

Soul-Full Eating Workshop, Nov. 17, 2007


Just in time for the holiday season, when friends and families the world over gather together to celebrate spirit by sharing food…

Come enjoy a life-changing experience, as you learn how to:
Eat Your Way to Enlightenment (more…)

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