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elevision Interview, 2007

ele:vision – Maureen Whitehouse
Interview by Waylon Lewis. Elephant Magazine

As a fashion model in New York and Europe, Maureen learned to stay thin as well as healthy and sane. Twenty years later, Soul-full Eating shares these insights.

Soul-Full Eating Workshop, Nov. 17, 2007


Just in time for the holiday season, when friends and families the world over gather together to celebrate spirit by sharing food…

Come enjoy a life-changing experience, as you learn how to:
Eat Your Way to Enlightenment (more…)

Amazon Book Review: Therese Marie Quinn

Yummy!, January 12, 2007

By Therese Marie Quinn(Goshen, NY USA) – See all my reviews

Maureen Whitehouse’s Soul-Full Eating is a stunning book! I received it just a few days ago and have relished every morsel. The author has gifted us with a mouth-watering, artful menu of insights, facts, resources, practices, and fresh looks at something all humans planetwide share in common: FOOD. There are many books on the market about eating right, staying fit, maximizing nutrition, managing weight and consuming with consciousness, but Maureen offers us all the best of these PLUS a practical guide to shifting our experience of breaking daily bread from the mundanely physical into the joyfully soulful. By simply opening the way to choosing consciously what nourishes our bodies, Maureen hands us the tools to shift forever our very fundamental core beliefs about nourishment across the board. When we learn to feed only our truth, then only truth will face us wherever we turn. Chew on a copy of Soul-Full Eating and never see life the same way again!


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