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Radio Interview: Mid-Morning Magazine hosted by Mike Buchanan

Mid-Morning Magazine hosted by Mike Buchanan

mid morning

Maureen Whitehouse, acclaimed author, nutrition and spirituality expert, talks about the 5 secrets for eating junk food to lose weight.

Click here to Listen to the Radio Interview

Mid-Morning Magazine Website

Radio Interview: Nippers Table Talk

Nippers Talk Radio

Nippers Table Talk AM 1290, Santa Barbara, CA

Maureen Whitehouse joins Graham Brown & Colin Blakeley to discuss Soul-Full Eating & the 5 Secrets to Eating Junk Food to Lose Weight

Click here to download the interview (MP3 12.8 MB)

Nippers website

Press Release: 5 Secrets for Eating Junk Food to Lose Weight

Press Release

5 Secrets for Eating Junk Food to Lose Weight

RTIRby RTIROnline on Fri 01 Jun 2007 04:00 PM EDT

Ask the countless dieters in your audience what tempts them most, and you’ll likely hear the words “junk food.” No wonder so many people are fretful as the summer picnic season begins. They fear that cravings could lead to weight loss setbacks. (more…)

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