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Love not War

Q: Hi, My name is Nicola, My nine year old is having problems with our next door neighbors daughter. There is a lot of nasty name calling and sometimes it gets physical. Its been going on for 5 years and as we live beside each other so you can imagine how difficult it is. I realize there are 2 sides and Holly (my daughter) is by no means perfect but physically she is much smaller and by nature more quiet. About a year ago I stopped Holly from going round to play because there had been a row and Megan was hitting Holly and my son Luke with a huge stick. I could see them from my kitchen window so went out because i could hear my daughter crying. My neighbor came out too and shouted at my daughter and son telling them they were only getting what they deserved. I no longer speak to the neighbor and tell Holly not to go in their garden for fear of arguments, but when they go outside (which isn’t very often now) they are being called stuck up, stubborn and even bitchy. Not the type of language you would want children to use so think they are hearing this from home. please help as i really am struggling to cope with this situation.

A: Hello Nicola,

Thank you for your important question.
First and foremost you do not want to establish or reinforce the idea of “victimhood” in your children. So despite what you may be now seeing, this situation with your neighbors is happening for you and your children not against you. But to see that you must ask yourself, “What’s the most productive and empowering way for me, and my children, to look at this situation?”

Here’s my suggestion: First sit down with your kids. Then, all three of you ask yourselves, “Why? Why is this happening?” And then with your children look at all of the reasons why this scenario is happening. But here’s the catch. Realize that because of this problem with your neighboring family you all have been given a great opportunity to share something very valuable – something that will aid and empower you all and enhance the rest of your lives.

You are now getting the opportunity to very carefully look at a situation that appears to only be detrimental in order to find the gift in it. That’s right. THE GIFT! You have been given an opportunity – a wonderful way – to remind yourself and to teach your children that no one has the power to upset you in any way – but yourself! Who can make you feel bad, or sad or disempowered if you choose not to feel that way?
The answer is, no one.

As a somewhat extreme, but beautiful example, I recently heard a story from a Holocaust survivor who was a teen at the time she was taken prisoner and sent to Auschwitz. She told about how every week, despite her emaciated and starving condition, she was chosen to give blood. When she found out that her blood was going to be given to the wounded German soldiers she said she thought, “How wonderful, they can have as much blood from me as they want, because I am a peace loving person, so the more German soldiers who have my blood the better. With my peaceful blood in them they will never win the war! ”

So where is your gift in this scenario? If you guide your children into seeing that there is often much power and insight to be gained from adversity you will be giving them tools that benefit them their entire life. You can teach them a little very empowering phrase, “I can see peace instead of this.” Then help them to look for the peace in the situation.

One way I often tell people to easily find the peace or the gift in any unsettling relationship is to realize that, when it comes to any conflict “only love is real.” By that I mean that love is the only real, strong and triumphant empowering emotion that is worth focusing on. It always feels good and joyful to feel love. Whereas fear, on the other hand makes us feel weak as well as a host of other negative emotions.

So we can look at everything in life as either love or fear – as either love, or a call for love. What are your neighbors children doing then? They are giving a call for love. Afraid of what? Who knows… you don’t have to figure that out. All you do have to know is that the one and only antidote to fear is love!

Maybe other people might not realize this, and therefore buy into their seemingly dramatic, combative story, and therefore experience “hell” right along with them as they war and battle it out. But consider what would happen if, just like that amazing teenager in Auschwitz (who is alive and loving her great-grand children today!) you taught your children to see something entirely different here. They can see that they are so strong and powerful that they can give love in return to any apparent assault. Not because your children are superior, or any better than your neighbors next door, but because EVERYONE deserves to feel loved. And what we give, we receive.

If your children return kindness and love to an assault from anyone, they’ll feel their own power and peace and love. And amazingly enough, they’ll feel like they live in heaven! Now, enjoy this great lesson in life fully as you sit down with your children and discover together how you can all unearth the love in this situation. Good luck and have fun as you all bring heaven to earth!

What is the Right Age to Allow My Child to Sign Up for Facebook?

image courtesy wan min

Question: At what age would you allow or not allow your child to have a Facebook?

Maureen‘s Answer:

I suggest that you sign up for your own Facebook account, get to know how it works and then you can make a better informed decision about this for yourself. I feel each child is individual and unique and so there is no “right” or “wrong” age for this. Once you join Facebook, you’ll see that it’s a fairly safe entity.

Then when your child does join Facebook, at whatever age they choose to do so, or that you both agree is appropriate for them to get the most out of it, you can “friend” them and actually become an even greater part of their world. Even see their life, quite possibly, from a whole new perspective. Are you aware that whatever you post on Facebook, is accessible by all of your friends and so everyone you know and love can see it?

So, I would say that if you are worried about Facebook’s safety, one you do join you’ll see that the way that it’s set up, you’ll actually be able to become involved, be informed about their lives and have access to your child’s “world” if you join in on the fun they are having with this online community.

I don’t feel that it’s ever beneficial to our children, or to ourselves, to approach any decisions we make from a perspective of fear.
Instead, you can look at this as a fun opportunity to share an online experience with them. Be sure of one thing though… this new way of communicating with the entire planet is here to stay and will mostly likely be expanding, changing and growing in years to come.

By the way, here’s my Facebook page and both of my daughters connect with me there often.

With thanks to wan min for the image.

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