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Book Review: The Doctor Weighs In. Getting in touch with your feelings… about raisins

Getting in Touch With Your Feelings… About Raisins

A friend put me in touch with Maureen Whitehouse, a former model and now author of a new book, Soul-Full Eating. Maureen sent me a copy of her book to review.  Now, it is a pretty book with a serenely beautiful cover photo it’s a lettuce leaf (I think) and something that looks like a animal bone stuck in something that could be some sort of fruit. It is all a little blurry and abstract. But it does remind me of the decor of some of the nicer high-end spas I have frequented.

The subtitle of the book is ” A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Conscious.” Oh, oh, I’m thinking, this may be a little too zen for me. I practice yoga because it is a great exercise and my main stretching activity. But I have never really been the meditating sort. I avoid the silent dinners at my annual visit at Rancho La Puerta, not being able to imagine how someone could pass up the chance to blab with the terrifically interesting people who attend that spa. (more…)


Amazon Book Review: Merete Mueller

Comprehensive but an easy read, December 13, 2006

By Merete Mueller – See all my reviews

There must be hundreds of books out there about eating in a healthy and sustainable way. Books on how what we eat affects the environment. Books on eating and health. Books on weight and dieting. Books on personal and cultural issues around mealtimes and food preparation. But I have never come across a book that covers all of these subjects in one volume. Maureen has done an amazing job of collecting massive amounts of research and using her personal experiences to write a book that is actually fun to read and easy to understand. This book completely changed the way that I approach food and live my life.


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