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Soul-Full Eating Testimonials

In her book, Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness, Maureen uses the medium of ‘eating’ as the doorway to bring the reader to better health, better mind and ultimately to better mind/body/spirit connection. Her approach is unlike anything that I have read – It is simple and profound.  It is REMARKABLE!

~ Thomas C. Puleri, CFM, Wealth Management Advisor


Since your wonderful Soul-Full Eating talk at Whole Foods I use all 5 of my senses whenever I shop, prepare food and especially when I eat… I even smelled the olive oil as I poured it into a bowl yesterday. This Soul-Full approach has not only helped me to eat better but to catch those moments we so often flit or worry away.

~  Mary Pepitone
Book Maureen to Speak


While on a vacation in the mountains of North Carolina, my friend shared an advance copy of Soul-Full Eating with me. The table of contents drew me into actually reading this book. Instead of driving around the Smokies, I just sat and read; then I continued to read until I finished the last page.

I had been curious about the relationship between food and my body. Finally, someone put a book together that could help me on my journey. So much good information was in one place that I couldn’t put the book down. When this book is published, it will be an excellent guide for anyone who wants to realize the power of purposeful eating and living. I now feel challenged to look at my food habits and understand the consequences of what I put into my mouth. I did not understand an “organic lifestyle” and what that means. I truly appreciate the pace and understanding this book brings to someone like me. Its encouragement will change me–I’m sure of that! There is so much information–I’m ready to reread it again. The recap at the end was a good summary to help me get started eating the Soul-Full way too.

Thanks for doing this book. I teach high school learning disabled students and also am a professional photographer. I came to the Smokies to ‘capture moments in time’ in pictures, but actually feel blessed to have learned so much from this book. I look forward it to be in the bookstores soon–I need a copy now!

~ Laura Moul, secondary school teacher


I love this book, it’s so clear & simple to read.

Maureen is the Hemingway of Spirituality.

Soul-Eating is everything you need to know about nutrition.  Perfect book for both novice & experts alike.

~Dr. Jesse Rogers, D.C., Fort Lauderdale, FL


“This is one of the best books on nutrition and healthy living I have ever read.”

~ Sandy Corso, Founder & Visionary, Peaceful Company


Maureen’s passion & enthusiasm for a love-based sustainable healthy lifestyle is an inspiration. In Soul-Full Eating she gently guides us towards a holistic understanding of not only how to eat but how our choices affect the entire planet. In Soul-Full Eating, Maureen engagingly coaches us on how to put love first, how to feel love for ourselves & how to feed ourselves with compassion–in essence to do what feels right for the earth and our bodies.

Maureen’s key words Soul-Full, Love, Gratitude and Exuberance radiate through the printed word. Over and over she touches our lives with the challenge to learn what love would do.

Her Soul-Full words and brilliantly appealing exercises allow us to become full of vitality as we put into practice the information in this meaningful well researched book.

If words like GMO, organic, yin/yang, grass-fed and vegan make you scratch your head, then this is the primer for you. IN FACT, this is a must own resource for everyone who eats and breathes!

Expect a dramatic attitude change while reading.

~ Linda Collie, Healing Arts Professional


When I heard of the lecture that was to be given at TAO based on your book Soul-Full Eating, I thought to myself, I don’t need that.  I have been a vegan for years, and I was raised as a vegetarian, and I know all about diet, food, nutrition.  However, my curiosity got to me and I ventured down to Barnes & Nobles to take a look at this book.  I had know intention of buying it. I sat down in a comfortable chair to look through it and to my amazement I said to myself, I have to have this book.  I love it.  It wasn’t about what I knew or didn’t know that was written, you showed that there is a spiritual connection with food that I wasn’t aware of.  A connection that I was missing.  And now that I have met you Maureen, I hear your voice as I read and reread this Divine book.  And best of all, I am making that spiritual connection each time I eat.  And I am eating more consciously.

I Bless you for the work you are doing and I know that our paths will cross again.

With God’s Love and Light,

~Muriel Leibowitz, South Florida


Reading Soul-Full Eating has been a fascinating experience. At first I skipped all around as if to gobble it up at one time. There is much food for thought in this book. I especially loved Chapter 36 – Thought-fullness vs. Thought-lessness – made me think of space in a whole different way. As an added benefit I think it’s also helping me de-clutter the house!

~ Edie, Boca Raton, FL


Soul-Full Eating has taken me to the next level on every level. I found your book to be simple, engaging and most of all honoring of wherever anyone happens to be on their life-long path to wholeness. Following the excellent resources (a very strong feature!) you provide at the end of each chapter, I’ve equipped my kitchen with everything I need to live and eat Soul-fully. I ate a traditional diet when I first began reading Soul-Full Eating. Although it was far from my intention, I now eat a 100% raw food diet – and I am loving it!  Yet, best of all, if someday I decide to eat cooked food again, that’s OK too. I feel no need to label myself or constrain the choices I make in any way since you’ve made it crystal clear – it’s all about LOVE! What a way to transition to a healthy, whole and loving relationship with food.

~ Roslyn M., RN, Florida


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