Bringing It Down to the Earth


Welcome to the Soul-Full Eating Press Room.

To find all of the latest information and developments for both Maureen Whitehouse and her award winning book, Soul-Full Eating, visit the press room on our Axiom corporate website. This includes frequently requested media resources, such as author photos & bio; articles; radio, television & magazine interviews; Q&A; press releases and more.

PR Contact Information:
Lori Bain

Watch Maureen on NBC News

Maureen WhitehouseMaureen Whitehouse is a veteran talk radio guest and it shows. She is passionate, funny and extremely informative.You will come away from this interview upbeat and ready for big changes… she inspired our show listeners to reconnect to themselves and reconsider their relationship with food. She openly shares her story about being a model and the dysfunction that comes from focusing on superficial values. She also describes how she connected with herself on multiple levels through mindfulness and consciousness, including conscious eating. Her journey to higher consciousness is a story more women all over the globe should hear.”
~Alice & Amy – hosts of Living Your Personal Best radio show

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