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I’m joining the fast – are you?

Hello Everyone!

I’m joining the fast – are you?

At the time of this writing more than 4000 people across the US have joined in solidarity in a hunger strike inspired by World Food Prize laureate David Beckmann, who presides over Bread for the World, to boycott the GOP’s devastating budget cuts to programs that assist the poor and the hungry while at the same time increasing defense spending. I believe the numbers joining in on this monumental event will be fast growing (no pun intended!) The fasting populace are particularly targeting cuts to food stamps, WIC and aid to the international poor and farmers. NY Times food columnist Mark Bittman (who’s joined in the movement) says, these supposedly deficit-reducing cuts will barely make a dent, Bittman writes, ‘they will quite literally cause more people to starve to death, go to bed hungry or live more miserably than are doing so now. And: The bill would increase defense spending.’

View the PBS Video Prayer & Fasting Campaign on Budget Cuts

If you are one of the many bright Souls who are joining the fast or considering adding your name to the ranks to Protest GOP’s budget cuts to needy here is my thank you gift to you…

I have lots of experience with fasting. I’ve typically done extended fasts – for 10 days or more – at least twice a year. And I often fast at least one day a week. So I know the experience of fasting need not be debilitating and exhausting  but can actually be not only invigorating, cleansing, but centering and clarifying to the mind and opening to the heart – if done correctly.

A brief but comprehensive guide to fasting that I wrote in my book, Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness, my gift to you.

Visit my website to get the gift: The Soul-Full Eating Guide to Spiritual Fasting


In solidarity,


PS – I’m just finishing up writing a very comprehensive and inspiring Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse book. Be sure to add your name to my email list to be notified about it’s release later on this month.

Fall News and Events from Maureen

Hello Everyone! Happy Autumn! I hope you are all enjoying the slower pace and ample opportunities that the cooler fall temperatures bring to come inside and go inward. But just in case you are still feeling the urge to venture out and about, here are two enlightening experiences you may want to check out…


Two event announcements…   Join Maureen for a Unique Halloween Celebration in Boston and A Soul-Full Living Retreat get-away in the Bahamas


Maureen Speaks at Unity in the City Boston October 31, 2010

We hope you’ll join us Sunday, October 31st in our new home to share fellowship, meditation, music and a prayerful message with Maureen Whitehouse.

“All Hallows Eve” Come as you are celebration

This Halloween, it’s time to unmask!

Do you have an ego trait that seems to emerge at the most inopportune times? Perhaps a part of you that prefers trials and tribulations over joy and peace? A false personality trait that continues to hold you back, or hold you down, no matter how much work you do on yourself?

Have you ever felt as though you’re a “fraud?” As though you are great at pretending to be someone you’re not, or that you are able to put on a “good face” for yourself and others a great deal of the time, and then…  just when you feel it matters most, you fail miserably at being the REAL YOU – the one who you want most to be?
Then now is the perfect time for you to come celebrate and play with Maureen Whitehouse and the Unity in the City community as this Halloween we allow our egos full reign.

During this service you will be asked to let go entirely – to allow your ego to come out of the closet – take front and center stage – to engage and exchange with the other “egos” of the Unity in the City community.

If you like, you can even wear a costume that best illustrates your “dark side” – the illusory part of you that you’d most like to expose to the Light of day and to forgive and release once and for all.
It’s time to have fun with these egos!
All Dr. Jekylls and Mr. and Mrs. Hyde’s Welcome.

Maureen Presents a Soul-Full Living Get-Away Retreat at The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in Nassau, Bahamas

Soul-Full Living: Integrate Awareness and Positive Action Into Our Everyday Routines



Maureen Whitehouse November 4 – 7, 2010

Event Details

Maureen Whitehouse’s brand of Soul-Full Living offers methods of integrating awareness and positive action into our everyday routines such as shopping, cooking, eating and cleaning in order to unearth and discover the miraculous in the mundane. Learn how, by becoming mindful, paying attention and relaxing, you can feel more empowered to make changes for the better, and live deliberate, purposeful lives. At the core of the program is the message that consciousness, mindfulness, and awareness are not vague, cosmic concepts, but grounded principles that can be readily experienced in our everyday lives.


Maureen Whitehouse Maureen Whitehouse has advised and counseled clients in personal transformation and balanced life style, for over 20 years. She is the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness, and Done with Dieting: 30 Days of Soul-Full Eating.


This is a Yoga Vacation program. For Yoga Vacation rates and accommodation rates please see rates.

Arrival & Departure

You are welcome to stay with us for the duration of the program, or for a longer or shorter stay according to your own schedule. For arrival details please see how to get here. For recommended equipment and other useful information see Planning Your Visit. For the Ashram’s daily schedule see Yoga Vacation.

What to Bring

Please see What to Bring section.


To reserve your accommodation, please go to register on line or print the application form and fax the form to the Yoga Retreat at fax number: 1-242-363-3783. Then please call us to give a credit card deposit and to confirm your reservation at 1-866-446-5934, 1-800-441-2096 or 1-242-363-2902. A US$100 deposit is required for your registration. Please see cancellations for information on our cancellation policy.


Maureen Whitehouse

Abundant Blessings,

Soul-Full Hotspots in South Florida: Organic Food, Yoga and Dancing.

Below is an excerpt from a post written by my daughter, Heather, on I was lucky enough to be her Soul-Full foodie tour guide on her recent visit to South Florida, and below are some of our most delicious discoveries. Plus, a few fun places to get your body moving and work up an appetite for the next meal:

The Last Carrot Coconut Grove Miami Florida
The Last Carrot (Coconut Grove, Miami)
Food so local that they don’t serve avocado when it’s out of season. Neighborhood residents supply the café with vegan cakes and cookies that disappear from the counter before they have a chance to cool. The Carrot’s menu lists a wide range of pita sandwiches bursting with veggies and delicious smoothies, though my favorite items on the menu are the spinach pies: a whole wheat crust and melted cheese with cooked spinach and your choice of filling.

Sublime Ft. Lauderdale Coconut Cake
Sublime (Ft. Lauderdale)
Sublime is 100% vegetarian, and mostly vegan, with 100% of profits going to support animal welfare (it’s owned by a wealthy heiress, who I suppose is more in the business to make a point—that you don’t need to use animal products for a delicious, elegant meal—than to make money.) Pictured above is one of the best desserts I have ever eaten—Sublime’s vegan coconut cake.

Juice and Java Aventura Florida
Juice and Java (South Beach, Miami)
Offering more than juice and java, this joint’s six-page menu also offers smoothies, salads, wraps, juices, pizzas, paninis and rice/quinoia dishes. Not all organic, but all healthy and delicious. Great for a quick stop and not too pricey.

Julio's Natural Foods North Miami
(North Miami)
A casual atmosphere similar to Juice and Java, but with better smoothies (the best smoothie I had in South Florida actually, and that’s saying something, given the plethora of fresh tropical fruit)—though Juice and Java has better sandwiches.

Coconut Grove Farmer's Market Miami Coconut Grove Farmer's Market Raw Desserts
Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market (Coconut Grove)
The Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market runs each Saturday from 8am to 4pm. It’s mostly dominated by the certified organic Glaser Farms, but with a few other independent food, clothing and arts (think hemp) vendors included in the mix. The main attraction, though, isn’t the market (despite the locally grown, organic mangoes—heaven!), but their raw-food cafe, especially the raw pies—huge servings of cashew cream, coconut, strawberries and other decadent, yet decidedly healthy treats.

Josh's Organic Market Hollywood Florida Josh's Organic Market Hollywood
Josh’s Organic Market (Hollywood)
Josh’s Organic Market is dominated by Josh. He’s a middle man, which means that there’s no competition and you’re not buying directly from farms, but his produce is the plumpest and freshest in the area. Most is local and picked the night before, while some things are shipped in from South and Central America (which is closer to Miami than California). The market is open on Sundays from 9am to 5:30pm, along with a killer and very friendly organic juice bar—which is also open on weeknights from 6pm to 9pm. The best part? Josh’s Market is located right on the beach, so you can swim post produce-shopping and then fuel up with a local, organic smoothie.

Synergy Yoga Miami Beach
Synergy Yoga on the Beach (South Beach)
Synergy Yoga offers yoga on the beach, literally, as in, sand between your fingers and waves crashing a few feet away. To me, there is nothing on earth more relaxing than the sound of the ocean. Add yoga, and I’m like one of those blue jellyfish that sometimes wash up on shore. Beach classes are scheduled daily at 7am and 5pm, early/late enough that you won’t have to risk a sunburn and there won’t be any weird tourists gawking at your plow pose. Classes meet at 3rd Street in South Beach, for a $5 suggested donation.

Hoy Como Ayer Miami
Hoy Como Ayer (Little Havana, Miami)
Dark and sweaty, with some of the best music and dancing in the city of Miami. Thursday nights, the club is home to the Spam All-Stars, local Afro-Cuban funk hip-hop fusion. Doors open at 10pm, with a cover charge of $8. On Thursdays, drinks are also 2 for 1 and ladies get in free before 11pm.

Click here to read the full post, which includes more info about the best parks and beaches for relaxing, and a few great independent, local businesses to support.

The Daily Podcast Introduces Maureen Whitehouse and Soul-Full Eating

Maureen joins JB Glossinger on his daily podcast on

JB welcomes Maureen to the Morning Coach community, while Maureen shares the Soul-Full Eating path and her newest program, Done with Dieting.
Plus, a Valentine’s Day Special: How to Be In Love All of The Time & Conscious Couples.

Study Proves that Organic Food is More Nutritious, via The Times Online

The debate over whether organic food is healthier than conventionally grown food may be over, according to results from a $25-million study into organic food. The largest study of its kind, to date, has found that organic produce is more nutritious than ordinary produce and may even help to lengthen people’s lives.

The four-year, European-Union-funded study found that:

  • Organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 40 percent more antioxidants
  • Organic produce had higher levels of beneficial minerals like iron and zinc
  • Milk from organic herds contained up to 90 percent more antioxidants


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