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Protecting Land in the U.S. – Big Farms are Losing Ground

Something To Be Aware Of…

Right now in the United States farmers are being rewarded by the government to plant fence-row to fence-row. In other words, some government subsidized farmers are leaving no grassy land between crops and water – which not only causes serious soil erosion, but renders water undrinkable and our oceans unfit to swim in. One striking example is The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

This video from the Environmental Working Group stresses that it’s time the US government enforces the law that requires farmers to put conservation practices in place in exchange for the billions of dollars in tax payer income and insurance subsidies they get every year from tax payers.

As is stated in the video, “Farms need a safety net, but so does our land and water.”

Federal Farm Subsidy Programs are Broken – Time for Change

We can Make a difference…

You’ve got to love Ken Cook, President of The Environmental Working Group, for being such a wise and staunch advocate for our personal health, safety and wellness. Here’s a great video of him in action at TedxManhattanChanging the Way Eat. He’s speaking about revamping the Farm Bill (of which a whoppingly large portion goes, not just to farmers, but to the 43 million Americans on Food Stamps – so this issue does affect many, many people, especially our kids, on a personal level.)

He sites instances like dead farmers getting paid subsidies (I kid you not) and the fact that out of the 4.7 million acres that are farmed in this country less than 1% of that is organic!

Take a look…

Dog Prays for Pals Before Each Meal

When I was about 10 years old, one day my mother took a roast out of the oven and put it on the dining  room table to cool before carving it. Then she returned to the kitchen to tend to the rest of the meal.  A few moments later, when she went back into the dining room, I heard her scream. Our dog had jumped up onto the table and dragged the roast beef  into the living room, where he was gnawing away on it… in doggy heaven. But I think he would’ve been more likely to legitimately earn his place in paradise had he been less of a glutton and more like like Honey – the (oh so cute!)  little pup in this video – who has been trained to pray before each meal, not just in gratitude for his own chow, but for all of the dogs who “don’t get a lot of food.”

Radio Interview – My Thin Lifestyle – Eating as Sacred Path

Karen Bentley My Thin LifestyleMy Thin Lifestyle is dedicated to giving listeners the information and inspiration to get thin and stay that way! This week’s show features Maureen Whitehouse, author of Soul-Full Eating: A Delicious Path to Higher Consciousness.

Author Maureen Whitehouse is an expert in personal development, enlightenment and eating as a sacred path. Her book, Soul-Full Eating, was a Nautilus Book Award finalist and an Independent Publisher Book Award winner. Maureen explains how to make weight loss a natural and inevitable process through the power of love. She advocates choosing foods that are grown with love, shopping with love, cooking with love, and eating with love. Maureen says that “excess weight is our heavy, unhappy thoughts about ourselves…projected outward,” and she promises we can have an effortless relationship not only with food, but also with all other aspects of our lives. Maureen’s unique ability to link food and love will surprise and uplift you.


Radio Interview: Your Voice Radio

Listen to Maureen Whitehouse chat with Radio host Bobby D at Your Voice Radio, KBKR AM – Oregon chat with Maureen Whitehouse about the benefits of eating Soul-Fully – what a concept!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

date: 2007-07-31

Maureen Whitehouse on NBC 4 News

Interview on NBC 4 Midday, Columbus Ohio 

Watch the interview:


NBC – Dec 4, 2007, 12:24 WCMH-TV4, 12Pm News, Columbus Ohio,

Soul-Full Eating Book Trailer

A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness. by Maureen Whitehouse.
Video Produced by:

Radio Interview: CKNX Radio 08-2007


Maureen’s Interview with Phil Main of CKNX Canada 920 AM

Topic: Soul-Full Eating

Listen to the interview

CKNX Website

About AM920 – CKNX
Midwestern Ontario (the counties of Huron, Bruce, Grey, Perth and Wellington), is composed of numerous towns and villages. The population of this area exceeds over a quarter of a million. Situated between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, the CKNX Radio market area has a diversified economic base with strong Agricultural, Industrial and Tourist sectors. CKNX AM920 is “information radio” to this community and for almost 80 years, has woven itself into the fabric of Midwestern Ontario, becoming an indelible part of this unique community.

Radio Interview: Mid-Morning Magazine hosted by Mike Buchanan

Mid-Morning Magazine hosted by Mike Buchanan

mid morning

Maureen Whitehouse, acclaimed author, nutrition and spirituality expert, talks about the 5 secrets for eating junk food to lose weight.

Click here to Listen to the Radio Interview

Mid-Morning Magazine Website

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