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You’ve got to love Ken Cook, President of The Environmental Working Group, for being such a wise and staunch advocate for our personal health, safety and wellness. Here’s a great video of him in action at TedxManhattanChanging the Way Eat. He’s speaking about revamping the Farm Bill (of which a whoppingly large portion goes, not just to farmers, but to the 43 million Americans on Food Stamps – so this issue does affect many, many people, especially our kids, on a personal level.)

He sites instances like dead farmers getting paid subsidies (I kid you not) and the fact that out of the 4.7 million acres that are farmed in this country less than 1% of that is organic!

Take a look…


Comments on: "Federal Farm Subsidy Programs are Broken – Time for Change" (1)

  1. I just read your blog and I am very concerned that you are not made aware of the growing problems that farmers face, yes, problems. You just hit the nail on the head about organic farming, but you don’t mention that the Fed. Govt. shut down ATTRA for the next fiscal year…one of the only organic advocate agencies out there for farmers. And our food bill. What food bill? Only 3% of that Farm Bill Money will ever make it to the actual “hands on” farmer like myself. The rest is tied up in food stamps, non essential payrolls and not on farmers where the “food” begins. Thanks for reading.
    A concerned farmer in South Georgia USA.

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