Bringing It Down to the Earth


We hope you’ll join us this Sunday, March 21st, to share fellowship, meditation, music and a prayerful message by Maureen Whitehouse.

Out of Hibernation

It’s been a long winter.
You have a vague memory of going into hibernation some 4 or 5 months ago, but now you find that familiar, primal urge is stirring in you once again… compelling you to come back to life!

If you’re like most hardy New Englanders, out of necessity you’ve acclimated yourself to winter’s short days and lengthy nights. You’ve hunkered in, cozied up, maybe read more or have become more contemplative rather social.
You’ve most likely learned a lot during this time – about yourself, about life – the kind of insight we can only gain from such inward experience.

But there’s a catch…. unless we share these reflective gems – we lose them. So now it’s time to share.

Join us at Unity Cambridge as Maureen Whitehouse brings us “Out of Hibernation” to:

* Reengage Life
* Cleanse and Clear & De-clutter
* Revitalize Relationships
* Share, Create and Communicate with others.
* Feel Present, Positive, Energetic, Open to New Experiences and Feel Fully Alive once again!


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