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Address: 738 Main Street S, Woodbury, Connecticut 06798 (at Middle Quarter Mall)*
Hours: Open Mon-Sat 8-7, Sun 10-5.
Contact: 203.263.4868,

New Morning Natural Foods Woodbury CT

Review via Maureen Whitehouse

This independent, non-“commercial” yet sizable 7,500 square foot store offers a substantial array of organic fruits and vegetables, natural supplements and homeopathy, grocery and care products. But it’s the staff’s knowledge and commitment to meeting their customer’s needs, more than any single item sold here, that allows patrons to most substantially feel the love, care and pure purpose of this little gem of an establishment. On top of that, their prepared food menu is superb!

I’ve enjoyed many a snack and even an entire meal here while visiting my parents who, fortunately for them, live just minutes away, It’s easy to see why people travel to from miles around to sample and purchase from New Morning’s unique fresh prepared foods counter, The Provender. This gourmet source for ready-to-eat natural and organic foods that are created by executive chef, Carol Byer-Alcorace easily rivals many of the top health food eateries in the country.

New Morning Natural and Organic Foods
Customers taste fair-trade chocolate samples in front of New Morning’s café.

New Morning also has a growing list of classes and lectures open to the public throughout the year, consistent with its mission to educate people on achieving a sustainable lifestyle that is naturally better for them. They hosted a very successful Soul-Full Eating book signing in June, and hosted a Soul-Full Eating workshop in November 2008.

What impressed me most about New Morning is the store’s owner and founder, John Pittari. He is not only a well-spring of knowledge but so tangibly infused with enthusiasm and vision. It’s easy to see that John has been walking his talk and that still, after many years enmeshed in the business of health and wellness he is crazy in love with the world of “natural foods.” Currently he shares his passion with about fifty other people, his staff, who share his dream and work together daily to see it progress. John not only works in the store but out in the community, building relationships with local environmental groups to help further awareness about healthy and sustainable lifestyles in the community. New Morning’s annual celebration of Earth Day has become Woodbury’s single largest community event, an occasion for a full day of family activities and opportunity to sample the latest and best of natural and organic products.

New Morning Natural and Organic Food Woodbury CT
Founder John Pittari at the store’s opening in 1975.

*Building a permanent home for New Morning has been a vision of John’s for many years and he’s determined that his new store is “sustainable–practical and eco-friendly with a long, useful life.” Significant time has been spent during the engineering phase researching materials and systems, and designing floor plans and interior layouts that will work well together. The building site is environmentally sensitive because it’s in an aquifer protection area, part of which is in the 100 -year flood plain. New Morning sees this as an opportunity to install a storm water management system that protects local water resources and also serves as a model for how others might approach a challenge like this in the future.

*New Morning has recently gotten all the necessary approvals for building its new permanent home at 129 Main Street North in Woodbury – so stay tuned for their new store Grand Opening info.

Photos courtesy New Morning.


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