Bringing It Down to the Earth

this mac and cheese is probably not vegan

Recipe submitted by Lori B


Pasta—any kind
Coconut milk
Butternut squash, chopped

All below are optional:
Zucchini &/or yellow squash, chopped
Parsley flakes
Salt, pepper
Nutritional yeast
Any other seasonings

Put coconut milk in large sauce pan w/ all ingredients except pasta. At the same time boil water for pasta.
Cook sauce partly covered on low-med heat, until butternut squash is soft.
Drain pasta, add sauce to pasta & serve.

-If the coconut milk is getting too thick add water, soy milk or rice milk.
-If using zucchini or yellow squash, add it to sauce when you put the pasta to cook, it cooks up quicker than butternut squash.
-Blending the cooked sauce w/ a hand blender will make the dish more cheese & creamy.
-Nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavor & can be sprinkled on upon serving.
-The seasonings above are what I typically use, but you can change them to what suits your taste.
-The sauce will thicken when refrigerated, and the dish tastes great when reheated.

With thanks to boopsie.daisy for the image.


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