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Question from D.D.: Is the “Done with Dieting” program similar to others, like the Body Ecology Diet?

Answer from Maureen:

I am not familiar with the Body Ecology Diet—but I just looked it up online. It looks like a wonderful diet to address symptoms of ailments, etc. and to establish overall health and wellness.

My Done with Dieting “non-diet” program is of a different genre entirely… one that I think doesn’t really exist yet in the diet realm. It is a viable and powerful path to awakening consciousness.

The program uses an allegorical approach. Via the story of the main character, Kate, and her struggle with weight issues and food, the reader sees their own path illuminated and the vivid illustration of their own journey to awakening.

Done with Dieting addresses the real cause of any unhealthy experience or addiction—including compulsive eating or being overweight – which is lack of presence and self-love.

This “non-diet” is the preliminary healing that needs to take place before any other viable diet, such as the Body Ecology Diet can be useful, or the information imparted in my first book, Soul-Full Eating, can be utilized to the fullest.

Unlike other approaches in which the dieter counts, weighs and measures externals and gives their inner authority away to an “expert,” in this program the participants realize, via the content of the story, the “points to ponder” and hands-on experiential exercises that we must first feel, know and love the Soul – our own all-wise, all knowing Inner Authority, in order to have a truly whole and healthy relationship to our bodies.


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