Bringing It Down to the Earth

Natural Awakenings Jan 08


I found this book captivating; I was expecting a cookbook of sorts but instead found a wonderful blend of nutritional handbook and spiritual guide. The author wants us to return to a time when eating food, the “most natural and innate part of existence” was “an enjoyable part of life” and not “an obstacle to surmount, a chore, or a situation to fear.”

The first step toward achieving this state of affairs is to change our mental approach toward selecting, preparing and consuming food.

The first section of the book addresses the ten key concepts of consciously changing the way we think about and choose food. Along with these changes will come a spiritual and emotional transformation that will affect all other areas of our lives. Whitehouse emphasizes that this transition must be gentle and gradual and leave us feeling fulfilled, not deprived. The author’s tone throughout the book is never preachy, and always infused with sympathy and understanding. She intersperses her own experiences and research into these subjects which helped her own personal transformation and which she hopes will help ours.

Each chapter in the second part of the book, Know Thy Food, “informs us about a different aspect of nutrition, such as the role of enzymes, genetically engineered foods, protein, dairy products, water etc. She also devotes chapters to the trouble with caffeine, sugar and salt intake. Whitehouse managed to very succinctly answer all my questions and doubts about water filtration, probiotics, organic products, and artificial sweeteners.

“Stepping Up To A New Plate, “ the final section of Soul-Full Eating discusses different dietary practices such as juice fasting, eating raw food, ayurvedic, kosher, macrobiotic, food combining and others. Whitehouse also provides guidance to overcoming emotional eating, losing weight, and healing yourself with food. Each chapter ends with a thought to ponder and an exercise to put into practice what you learned and initiate change. She also provides resources and recipes when it’s called for.

This is a book you will return to again and again for inspiration. On every page, this author’s mission and vision is evident: “When you begin to see the entire world on your plate each and every time you eat – when you see how your choices impact you and the world – you automatically align with a deeper truth and commit to living it. Love yourself and everything you consume and then pass this awareness on, one blessed plate-full at a time, to another.”

What a wonderful way to begin a new year!

Beatriz F. Fernandez is a university Reference Librarian. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature and Library Science. She is a freelance writer working for Natural Awakenings Magazine.

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