Bringing It Down to the Earth

Foreword Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008

Foreword Jan 08 Mindful Living

Mindful Living:

From Birth to Enlightenment

by Kristine Morris

The spiritual path calls seekers to be mindful of the grace and beauty, as well as the pain and suffering, present in even the most mundane human life. From birth to enlightenment, the human journey to wholeness need not be taken alone; it is best taken in the company of wise, loving, and inspiring companions such as the authors here included. Their books can help readers capture the magic, heal, and mend the broken places, and finally arrive at the most desired “peace that passes understanding.”

A mother cradling a tiny baby in her arms is an icon of peace. Yet today’s parents are often so overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life that many magical moments are missed.Baby Haiku distills the magic into three-line poems celebrating the wonder of new life. Written by Lily Wang, each haiku in this work is like a drop of clear water creating ripples of contentment throughout a busy day. Readers may be inspired to create their own small poems in honor of such moments of shared peace and beauty.

Create, Change, Heal

Poetry is nourishing to the soul, but nourishment of the body can also be a path to enlightenment, avers Maureen Whitehouse, author of Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness (Axiom Publishing, 978-0-9745869-6-0). Americans have a love-hate relationship with food; anxiety and guilt have created a culture in which the pleasure of eating has become a hurried and mindless activity. Whitehouse, who had a career in the entertainment industry, experienced a profound personal awakening in 1996 and now works to help others achieve their own full potential. She believes that mindful choices based on sensitivity to the unique needs of one’s individual body can be transforming – not just for the individual who will experience greater clarity, more energy and better health – but throughout the chain of supply down to the very earth in which food is grown. The power to create, change, and heal – individually and at the planetary level – is accessible to all. “When you begin to see the entire world on your plate each and every time you eat,” she writes, “you automatically align with a deeper truth and commit to living it.” One then becomes the wished-for change in the world and a light to all who follow. This book shows how to do this with each and every meal.

Beyond learning how to take nourishment from each moment as well as from food eaten with awareness and gratitude, readers will find guidance in mastering the spiritual laws that govern the universe in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams by Deepak Chopra. Chopra is known worldwide for his many books and seminars on human potential and holistic health, and as the founder of the


Center at La Costa Spa and Resort in

Carlsbad, California. In less time than it takes to prepare a meal, this pocket-sized volume reminds readers that it is possible to create a joyful, successful life once one knows the ancient art and science of managing one’s own, and universal, energies.

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