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Press Release

Straight A Diet; The 7 Most ‘Intelligent’ Foods to Put in Your Child’s Lunchbox
Radio-TV Interview Report
Sat 01 Sep 2007 02:56 PM EDT


Millions of American children, preschool through college, are returning to school for another year of learning and development. How can parents be sure their children get the most out of the learning experience? What will give young learners an advantage every day?

Nutrition expert and former educator Maureen Whitehouse says enhancing the learning ability of children means paying attention to what goes into their mouths, as well as what goes into their minds.

She’ll discuss on-air:

• Why poor eating equals poor education. Learning and behavioral problems like ADHD can surface when children feel hungry or undernourished.

• Even bright kids who aren’t getting proper nutrition can experience lackluster grades, classroom frustration, low self-esteem and relationship troubles.

• How chemicals, junk food and not-so-fresh foods affect a child’s school performance and ability to understand and retain information.

• Healthful, tasty “straight A” foods school-age children should be eating: fresh, interesting, creative foods in a rainbow of colors.

• The #1 food “additude” that naturally promotes ideal weight.

• Rewards for cutting back on kids’ caffeine and food flavorings.

• Whether parents should be giving their children vitamin pills.

• And more advice for replacing low nutrition with high marks from happy, well-balanced children FULL of engaged, lively, inquisitive spirit.

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