Bringing It Down to the Earth

Lifesupport, American Salon, Aug 1, 2007

Can you actually eat your way to enlightenment? Maureen Whitehouse seems to think so. 

Soul-Full Eating (Axiom Publishing, 2007) posits the theory that fulfillment can be found by choosing foods that resonate with your soul. Whitehouse is a former model, actress, feature reporter and talk-show host, who experienced a profound awakening in 1996. Since then she has lived her life helping others realize their full potential. Whitehouse teaches a brand of “practical spirituality” while speaking from the soul about her real-world experiences.  The key to higher consciousness, she says, is to eat with love what’s grown with love, prepared with love and served with love. (Guess that leaves McDonald’s out.) Still, by promoting mindful eating, Whitehouse seems to be onto something. “Watching yourself mindfully with love will allow you to see almost immediately what effects any type of food has on your body,” she writes. Take this spellbinding journey to consciousness and gain cutting-edge knowledge about weight loss that brings self-love along with dropped pounds, while deepening your spiritual connection on a daily basis. —M.D.



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