Bringing It Down to the Earth

Press Release

Consider Maureen doing a weekly or monthly segment in which she shows your audience how to eat Soul-Fully so they can end the diet battle forever while recovering their most fulfilling relationship – the one with their Soul.

10 Possible Story Show/Story Ideas

1. We Can Stop Global Warming – one plate of food at a time! Al Gore’s movie and book, “An Inconvenient Truth,” has people scratching their heads wondering how they make an impact on the problem of global warming. Soul-Full Eating author Maureen Whitehouse will explain how making even small changes can begin to make a difference. She’s calling for a food revolution.

2. How I beat the “too thin” “too fat” model dilemma – How one woman in the world of modeling learned healthy ways to stay trim. Common mistakes she saw other models make in their desperate attempts to look great for the camera – from the most drastic to those many other American women make every day! Plus the better way she found through many years of trial and error.

3. 5 Secrets for Using Junk Food to Lose Weight – Use these secrets and discover a way to make peace with weight loss.

4. Why are American Kids Getting Fatter & Fatter? Where should we draw the line for how schools can get involved in the problem? What are kids eating that’s leading to unprecedented levels of childhood obesity and diabetes? What can a mom do?

5. How an Apple a Day Can Keep the Fads and Junk Away – Maureen joins the American Apple Association to show how eating apples can jumpstart a healthy weight loss campaign or an effort to clean up your diet. All changes start with small steps… here’s an easy one anyone could take. Start eating apples consciously! Discover a whole new world of eating!

6. The Love Diet – Can food act like a love potion? This expert says yes!

7. Cutting Back on Caffeine; Alternative Sources of Energy – Sodas, energy drinks, lattes – do you know how much caffeine you’re taking in each day? Where can you cut back?… and what can you use for alternative sources of energy when you need it to meet the demands of your day?

8. Joyful Juicing – Add juicing to your routine and bounce to your step! Few foods are as good for you as homemade fresh juices. So how do you begin? What are the basic fruits and vegetables to start with? Tips for choosing the right equipment. Combinations of juices for specific health ailments or for support for specific health challenges. Bottoms up!

9. The Ultimate Power Lunch – What to eat at noon so you’re not dragging hours later.

10. Use your child’s Halloween candy bag to catapult you into a Soul-Full Eating mindset that will last the entire holiday season long.

Availability: Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone, articles, also available as a last minute guest. Contact: Maureen Whitehouse 954-920-7870 Hollywood, FL

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