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Planning On Cleaning Up Your Diet?
New Cutting Edge Book, Soul-Full Eating, Can Help

In this fast-paced world, planned improvements to our diet [or New Year’s resolutions (for long lead-time mags)] can easily become just another addition to a lengthy To-Do List. Well-meaning intentions to eat right can leave us feeling overwhelmed or guilty when we don’t find the time or wherewithal to accomplish our goals. Maureen Whitehouse’s new book, Soul-Full Eating, is a much-needed guide aimed at helping us reconnect to a healthy way of consuming food simply by being aware of what resonates with the deepest part of us, our Soul.
“As a fashion model in New York City and Europe, I was compelled to learn about nutrition to keep myself slim and marketable for the camera,” remembers Whitehouse, who now serves as a Transformational Life Coach through her Hollywood, Florida institute, Axiom. “At the same time, I searched the world for ways to stay emotionally and physically healthy in the often superficial environment of high-fashion modeling.” The newly released Soul-Full Eating (423 pp., ISBN 978-0-974869-6-0, 7-1/2″ x 9-1/4″, hardcover) now combines her expertise gained over many years in the areas of spirituality and nutrition to create a practical guide that turns each meal into an opportunity to nurture and fulfill body, mind and soul.
Whitehouse, who has led self-esteem workshops in public high-schools and state prisons as part of her work as a Life Coach, all while raising two children, is no stranger to multi-tasking. Her solution to feeling satisfied with life is not to do more or cut back on anything, but to simply “show up to your own life as authentically as possible.” She uses food as an example of how much joy, contentment and fulfillment most people miss each day of their lives, mostly because they’re not paying attention to the moment they’re in.
Maureen’s mantra, and the book’s premise, is to “eat with love what’s grown with love, prepared with love and served with love.” This means stopping to consider what we’re eating, where it comes from, why we are eating it, and also to be grateful that we are eating it at all. She says, “From my perspective there are only two options in life. One is love and one is fear. If you’re approaching food with complete love, then there can be no fear surrounding it – no guilt, no pain, no overeating, over-consumption, over-indulgence, etc.”
To help us practice mindful eating and make informed decisions about our food, the book Soul-Full Eating includes:

  • Over 300 pages of well-researched information on nutrition
  • Basics like buying organic, “kicking” caffeine, and education on protein, sugar, healthy fats, etc.
  • Coverage of the best approaches to diet available today including Ayurvedic, the “new” Kosher, Macrobiotics, Raw Foods, and Acid/Alkaline Balance
  • Ideas that tie wise food consumption to a practical and meaningful spirituality.

Whitehouse advises that each reader use the information to experiment and eventually settle on the diet that feels individually most satisfying. She says, “Most people don’t know what they want. We’re so busy listening to others, hearing what we should or shouldn’t be doing, and following fads, that we don’t take the time to connect with ourselves to find out what it is that we need.”

It’s an approach to eating that easily applies to many other areas of life and has far-reaching effects. Whitehouse is convinced that we “can change the world one plate of food at a time,” starting with our own. In its pages, Soul-Full Eating draws profound connections between the food on our plate and our relationship to the rest of the world, touching on sustainability issues, world hunger, the long-term effects of the choices we are now making, and more.

Yet, at the same time, through anecdotes of her own journey from fashion model to Life Coach and a wide array of clear and concise information, Soul-Full Eating makes it seem feasible, fun – even delicious – to transform our lives. This is one book that will help you keep, and enjoy, your diet improvement plans [or food-related New Years resolutions (for long-lead-time magazines)] for years to come.

The book Soul-Full Eating can be ordered by calling 800-611-6165
or by visiting or
Distribution is by Midpoint Trade Books (

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