Bringing It Down to the Earth

Press Release

Eat Your Way to Enlightenment!
New Book, Soul-Full Eating, Tells You How

There are so many obvious ways that we can miss the opportunity to live a supremely fulfilling life. But what surprises most people is that spiritual fulfillment can be found through eating… that is, when you are choosing foods which resonate with your Soul.

In her provocative book, Soul-Full Eating, Maureen Whitehouse tells readers how anyone can become a spiritual master at mealtime. She artfully combines her knowledge as an expert in both nutrition and spirituality to guide people along this path. Her suggested journey to consciousness asks readers to not only observe how they choose, prepare and eat their foods, but also to take a long, lingering and loving look at the relationship they may, or may not, have with their Soul. She asserts that the one and only way to truly feel “full-filled” at mealtimes to is make choices that resonate with this deepest part of ourselves.
A seasoned Transformational Life Coach, Whitehouse’s expansive knowledge of nutrition grew from the demand to maintain a “picture perfect” image as an international model and commercial actress. This initial goal led to decades of experiences traversing the globe studying the world’s diverse nutritional and spiritual traditions. In 1996, she experienced a profound awakening and since then she has lived her life helping others realize their full potential. As the founder of the Axiom institute and creator of The Transformational TriadTM, Whitehouse has helped thousands of people to radically shift their perception of challenge, transition and change. Promoting the principles of Soul-Full Eating is just one highly-regarded aspect of her work.

Discover how you can connect to yourself and the planet in deeper, more loving ways through food by reading Maureen Whitehouse’s book, Soul-Full Eating – A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness (Axiom Publishing, hardcover, $26.95, ISBN 978-0-9745869-6-0). To learn more, visit: or

Soul-Full Eating can be ordered by calling 800/611-6165
or by visiting or
The book is distributed by Midpoint Trade Books (

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