Bringing It Down to the Earth

Fine Print Independent Book Review

For many, eating becomes an obsession, and one most often tinged with guilt. Soul-Full Eating shows that how we eat is just as important as what we eat.

We all know that food, like air and water, is vital to support physical life, but to master an effortless, healthy relationship with food, we need to see the spiritually nutritive quality of food. Eating nutritious meals for the pure enjoyment of eating them with soulful, sacred intention enables us to realize we are not just a body, but an eternal being!We are encouraged to “eat with love what is grown, prepared, and served with love.” Eating what we really don’t love denies our brilliance and self worth. We all want to feel a sense of fullfillment, but turning to food to give us that feeling of fullness simply does not work. We need to unveil our soul and find pleasure in the satisfaction we receive when we eat soulfully rather than superficially.I found this book to be a wealth of information. Maureen Whitehouse explains 10 key concepts to feeling well-nourished, balanced, energized, and able to live your life’s purpose. Other areas covered include the importance of enzymes; genetically engineered foods; the truth about protein, fats, and oils; and facts on sugar, salt, and caffeine. Many approaches to nutrition are discussed in great detail with easy-to-read charts and diagrams. Place Soul-Full Eating in the nutrition, spiritual life, or health area of your store.

Lois A. Rogalski, Miss Lois’ Curiosity Shoppe,
Benton, Ky

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