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5 Secrets for Eating Junk Food to Lose Weight

RTIRby RTIROnline on Fri 01 Jun 2007 04:00 PM EDT

Ask the countless dieters in your audience what tempts them most, and you’ll likely hear the words “junk food.” No wonder so many people are fretful as the summer picnic season begins. They fear that cravings could lead to weight loss setbacks.

Find out why Maureen Whitehouse says junk food can actually encourage diet success! She’ll reveal on-air some of the secrets she learned as an international fashion model who had to stay slim and energized and sane:

  • How eating candy, a dirty word for most weight fighters, can actually get you into a better diet mindset.
  • How we can all stop fighting with our food.
  • Eating tips smart dieters know. How many times do you chew your food?
    Do you experience the flavors? Are you distracted by TV and other noises?
  • Ways to avoid mood-swings. Learn diet choices to boost energy and lose weight faster.
  • Cutting back on caffeine to give yourself more energy.
  • Healthful foods that keep even junk food junkies looking better and living longer: coconut, spices, avocado, fabulous juices, fresh fruits.
  • And more about changing our relationship with all foods.

CREDENTIALS: Acclaimed author Maureen Whitehouse is a nutrition and spirituality expert and corporate consultant, workshop leader, former model, actress, and talk show host who has helped thousands of people to radically shift their perspective to improve their lives, health, attitude and appearance. Her latest book is SOUL-FULL EATING: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness, Axiom 2007

AVAILABILITY: Florida, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone, last minute is welcomed
CONTACT: Maureen Whitehouse, (954) 920-7870 (FL);



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