Bringing It Down to the Earth

Heritage Villager, Southbury, CT, April 2007

For Your Grandchildren’s Health?
by Judy Lundberg

What, you say? Well I learned a long way back that headlines grab readers so I decided this was the best one I could think of. It’s true, if you eat organically your children and grandchildren will benefit. Here’s why.

For a good part of the last century and this entire one, the agribusiness has grown food for profit and for profit only. So what’s wrong with that? Plenty! Poisoning the soil with pesticides, the water supply with fertilizers made from the carcasses of diseased animals, the air with chemical sprays and by not rotating crops and allowing land to lie fallow (as every scientist and even the Bible speaks about) soil is depleted to the point where nothing nutritious can be reaped from it. Now we’ve added genetic engineering to the mix which no one knows for sure is even safe for consumption. Great Britain and most European countries have banned it and won’t import anything from this country unless it certified not genetically engineered. Now take this mass produced, highly toxic food, load it on a fossil fuel spewing semi and drive it thousands of miles from where it was grown all the while absorbing fumes along the way and by the time it reaches your table, well by now you must get the picture.

The second component of this is that animals raised for mass consumption by the agribusiness are inhumanely treated and force-fed diets that they cannot digest to make them bigger for more meat. Because they are eating what they cannot digest, they are ill and kept on antibiotics to keep them standing and getting fatter and they are usually standing in their own waste half way up their legs. They are fed hormones to produce more milk which contaminates not only milk, but anything made from milk. No thoughtful person would be able to tolerate the conditions under which these poor, suffering beasts live out their lives. But the bottom line is that they are all SICK and anyone eating them is devouring a sick animal. And one that is loaded with antibiotics, pesticides and hormones.

So not you may ask, what has this got to do with my grandchildren? Good question. The answer is, EVERYTHING. Just as surely as the burning of fossil fuels is causing global warming, the agribusiness is polluting the air, water, soil and contributing to the dangerous outbreaks of E-coli and salmonella poisoning that have affected spinach, lettuce and green onions recently. Bird flu will continue to spread, the ocean’s food supply is largely contaminated by mercury and the latest scientific investigations show if we continue to pollute the water, all ocean life will cease to exist by 2040. Since all life on the Planet depends upon the oceans for existence – well you get the picture.

There is something called the one hundredth monkey principle or the critical mass. What that means is that it only takes a certain number of people to reverse the tide. Just enough people, for instance, to eat organically or buy primarily from local farmers – has the attention of the agribusiness already. Earthbound Farms jumped on the organic bandwagon several years ago. The organic farming business is one of the fastest growing in the country.

When I decided to go “green” about ten years ago, supplies were limited to health food stores and prices were very high. I made a promise to myself never to look at the bottom line and this from a life-long coupon clipper. It was a hard decision but since I was fighting heavy metal poisoning (caused by bad dentistry), my body needed only one job to do and that was to purge itself of that – not deal with all the other toxins in food that could have negatively affected an already nasty situation. Remember, the cause of antibiotic resistance is the agribusiness. Certain fast food chains have already considered limiting beef from companies that incorporate antibiotics into their feed. Today, one doesn’t have to go any further than the Southbury Food Center, Shaws or Stop and Shop to obtain plenty of organic products and more will be added constantly as consumers become more savvy about what to put into their bodies and how much they’re willing to compromise their immune systems by not eating organically.

On Monday, May 7, Maureen Whitehouse will be the guest author at BookTalk in the Southbury Library. She has written a wonderful book entitled, Soul-Full Eating in which she speaks about her journey from high fashion model to personal transformation and life-style coach. She speaks about illness being a wake-up call. There is an old saying that goes something like this: make food your medicine and medicine your food. Type 2 diabetes, for instance, can be completely controlled or eliminated by proper diet. I have heard of people eliminating cancer from their bodies by drinking large quantities of carrot juice. Then there is the issue of taste. When I was little, I remember food tasting so good. When I began eating organically, food tasted just like it did when I was young. Maureen’s book has just become a Finalist in the Food/Cooking/Nutrition category in the 2007 Nautilus Book Awards.

So, we’re back to the grandchildren. How about them having healthier grandparents? How about them having a healthier Planet to grow up on? How about them having cleaner air to breath, fresh, clean water to drink, healthy food to nourish their growing bodies – food that will enhance their immune systems and help them become strong enough to overcome acid rain, bad air and the stress of living in this chaotic world. The best chance they have to accomplish that is to give their bodies the very best food there is and who better than to set that example than a loving grandparent? It may be a little more expensive (prices have dropped sharply over the years), but it’s a small price to pay for better health and a better future for your loved ones. The grandkids deserve it!

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